🆘|How To|Setup a Liquidity Pool on Sushi.com (SushiSwap)|The Open DAO|$SOS|🆘

Join @Yonks as he sets up a $SOS 🆘 |Liquidity Pool on Sushi.com so can participate in the extra incentives established by The Open DAO project.

🔗|The Open DAO

## DAO Governance

If you enjoyed this video and hold $SOS| 🆘|please vote for @Yonks (or any of the other Multi-Sig candidate(s) that resonated most with you. Vote today on Snapshot.org if you haven’t voted yet.


Here is a video that shows how to vote, if you haven’t voted on Snapshot before:

🆘|How To|Vote using Snapshot.org|The Open DAO|$SOS|🆘

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