🔥 Is this the next SushiSwap? 🔥 128x Rewards on CobraSwap | Crypto News Today

Is this the next SushiSwap? 128x rewards on CobraSwap | Crypto News Today


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22 thoughts on “🔥 Is this the next SushiSwap? 🔥 128x Rewards on CobraSwap | Crypto News Today”

  1. Reading these negative comments based only on the fact it's a promo is absolutely hilarious!

    Considering how the one actual guaranteed benefit that a Crypto Influencer can provide, which is presenting you with a newly launched project for ur consideration is instantly dismissed by the same "experienced " investors which can't Chart TA nor Fundamentally Evaluate a project based on it's Tokenomics/Roadmap for themselves LOL … Much Cringe!
    Putting ur eyes on fresh new opportunities at the time in a project that results in the most potential opportunity to an investor is the most valuable piece of information a noob or experienced Investor could hope to take away from this kind of recourse??
    After learning to chart TA & Evaluate a market by it's Fundamentals, this kind of introduction to new opportunity is the value, where you can consider a new project before large user adoption, resulting in most potential from future growth??
    You have no right to post negative comments on an influencers video, without before evaluating the particular projects fundamentals!
    & It's especially Cringe when you lack the experience required to complete for yourself!

  2. Cobra is part of the viperswap team which has proven to be real professional and serious. viper and cobra is the venom ecosystem. please do your own research and come join

  3. Just be careful guys, paid promotions mean bias. The TVL is only $10,420,055. That could disappear and rug pull over night. These juicy gains might not be so juicy with impermanent loss. As we approach the final months of the bull run, do you want to tie up potentially explosive crypto in liquidity pools?


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