Worldwide Asset Exchange aka WAX is a cryptocurrency project most relevant to the $50 billion gaming industry. WAX token is the currency issue by WAX, the same company that owns opskins–the amazon of the gaming world.

In this video, Buck Joffrey of Wealth Formula Podcast interviews Malcolm CasSelle, president of WAX and discusses the project.

Included in the discussion are the multiple ways that WAX will integrate itself into the gaming industry, the gifting industry, and possibly even a way to exchange real-world value.

WAX is a project that will launch it’s mainnet in the fall and will be operating off a blockchain based on EOS. The project is funded by some of the largest crypto investors in the world.

4 thoughts on “119: What is WAX TOKEN (WORLDWIDE ASSET EXCHANGE)?”

  1. Id like to know how people feel about steam not supporting opskins bots anymore, that cuts out a lot of volume, almost all.
    Remember the ceo of steam is gabe Newell, (gaben) one of the guys who wrote windows,"the microsoft millionares", he has a ton of fiat money and might not be so pro crypto.

  2. Love Malcolm's explanation of token economics and how they've designed their system. Huge fan of WAX and can't wait for the protocol token airdrop! 2019 will be so much fun. Great interview, Buck – you really got into some good meaty stuff.


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