Algorand (ALGO) Breaks Out Another Wedge After A Long Zigzag Move

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2 thoughts on “Algorand (ALGO) Breaks Out Another Wedge After A Long Zigzag Move”

  1. Interesting analysis, thanks.
    A sidenote: keep in mind that currently Binance holds ALGO in hostage (no withdrawals, no deposits clearing, there was no early announcement, it just happened a day before Algorand Community Governance registration opened) until 2020-10-15 (Algorand Community Governance registration end) thus it is likely to create selling pressure on Binance as holders wanting to participate in governance have no other option than to dump their ALGO, buy into something else (eg. XLM) they can transfer to another exchange quickly and swap back to ALGO for withdrawal to wallet (from where they can register to governance).


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