Algorand Community Governance All Hands: Instructions for Would-Be Governors

The Algorand governance system comprises quarterly governance periods, and governors need to sign up anew to each period. The sign-up window for each governance period will open two weeks before the period itself begins. For the inaugural period, the sign-up window will open on October 1st 2021, and the period itself will begin on October 15th, 2021.

This session covers how a would-be governor can participate in Community Governance. Instructions covered include how to sign-up and connect your wallet, how to commit your algo to governance and an overview of voting measures in a governance period.

Stay tuned for future sessions on voting and claiming governance rewards.

30 thoughts on “Algorand Community Governance All Hands: Instructions for Would-Be Governors”

  1. The Algorand Wallet option does not work, on the mobile app, it shows that I have Algos in my wallet, however, once I link it with Governance it shows 0 Algos on Governance.

  2. I'm trying to commit my algo but it says I don't have any when I really do. When I open thee Algorand wallet, the correct balance shows but when I try to connect it to the governance site, it won't let me because it shows 0 algos. Anyone know what to do>

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