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Lav gives an honest and up-to-date review on alien worlds and has a look to see if it’s still a viable option and a closer look at other game modes!

What do you guys think?

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  1. I had no luck with this or the wax blockchain in general. Started doing prospectors on eos and although i spend some fiat to get started to rent a plot and buy some tools ive made it back and more and set to pay for itself and withdraw something each month.

  2. I'm averaging around 7 to 12 TLM per day casually clicking every 30 mins or so. That's only like $10 per week, but I don't mind it. You need 3 of the same kind of tool though for max efficiency and it needs to be appropriate for the land you choose to mine from. I find Power Saws (3x) to be the best bang for the buck for TLM/NFTs

  3. Not interested in this anymore – as soon as you get anywhere the staking NFTs get nerfed or you have to stake/pay any Wax you make for CPU and RAM. It's only worth it if you bought good tools at the very beginning or if you own land.

  4. Alien Worlds so far is failing big time. There is absolutely nothing they have offered that is worth it. Economy makes no sense whatsoever. I have legendary tools and am getting 0.2TLM or 0.08TLM when mining. Shining NFTs is so expensive compared to the potential benefit at the moment. Those missions are again just staking TLM to generate some TLM, and if it is going to be like what we are getting from mining, good luck then. Also, why call something a game when there is no game at all? A game actually is played. There is nothing to play.

    Am I missing something here?

  5. I'm making around $20 or more a week by mining TLM. It definitely differs from week to week. I average around 0.6 – 1.6 TLM a mine with a 1 hour cooldown. Sometimes I do get the unlucky 0.2 or so, but it is fine. I'm from South africa, and the ZAR is shit to the US. So it is good money for me.

  6. Their cheating about cpu usage and need to stake wax,

    I only mine once, using basic shovel, basic drill, basic capacitor 7mins or so cd,

    After I mine once for the very first time of the day, the second time i want to mine it said about cpu usage error…

    I only mine once , thr early stage of this game i can mine for several times before it full have cpu error.

    I remember i stake 2tlm for the whole saturday and i mine like 12 hours continuously , my fingers hurst because of that capcha ,

    But not you will mine 1x then auyomatic cpu error, you cant invest wax beface for example you mine for about .09 tlm you need atleast 1tlm to o convert to wax,

    Their a cheating going on…

  7. Do you set your computers clock 24 hours ahead so you can click buy on the drop screen and bypass the first drop screen on a pack sale? ECOMI had a glitch that let people precede other orders and one ensuring you an ultra rare every time. I don’t know everything about it. Maybe you can try that to see if it’s already secret that we don’t know.

  8. Yeah… I'm not actively mining 1-5 TLM a day, my time is worth more than that. I'd rather passively mine with R Planet and look for deals/sell while that is happening. Alien Worlds is gonna have to make some serious changes to get me interested again. I've moved on… In this space, the winners will be those platforms that provide a game people want to play and allow for a passive income. For me to actively click all day (while I'm doing other market dealings)… you are going to have to provide me with a SUBSTANTIAL reward. Like over $100 worth of crypto or NFTs a day. AW is nowhere near even close to that. I would rather make $30 a day passively than $150 a day actively. Work isn't really my thing lol. R Planet has taken over AW and unless AW provides more, they will continue to lose interest. Gotta make that $$$


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