Altcoins That Will MAKE YOU RICH!

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DeFi is still king and these with these altcoins, you could be living the rich life in 2021. Make sure you get in on them early for some crazy cryptocurrency gains!

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28 thoughts on “Altcoins That Will MAKE YOU RICH!”

  1. BTC for $75K by end of this year& Control
    of The Currency is already Decentralised And now the China disruption would simply
    Decentralise the Mining setup for the better

  2. Thanks to the new technology of Strongnode that plans on decentralizing the blockchain using nodes-as-a-service. Also making the fastest and more secure network of these times!

  3. KAVA if its passive income yer after, it pays 20% every 2 days staking on kra ken! i bought 7k worth at $3.12 it immediately went up 2 cents and then a few days later it was $ 5.01!

  4. Hi @sheldon , quick question : are you still very bullish on API3 as since you posted this video ? Thank you ! @Sheldon Evans Looks indeed like a very promising project ..


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