Aquagoat Scam not able to sell on trust wallet

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23 thoughts on “Aquagoat Scam not able to sell on trust wallet”

  1. Crypto is not a scam, whoever follows the project and sent the v1 coins to exchange for v2 within the deadline received the coins normally. Whoever is investing in cryptos has an obligation to follow the project, after all money has been put into this business. No crypto company sends information to investors, who most often purchased anonymously. Have to follow.

  2. Hey, this is Patrick from the AquaGoat team. We already described the issue as it happened; there was a pricing glitch on CMC which caused the high value to show on TrustWallet. If you didn't know, TW pulls pricing data from CMC and so was also affected by the glitch. We have no contract ownership of the V1 token or it's liquidity, and have no internal ties to CMC, so we cannot manipulate liquidity or pricing to the effect that happened.


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