Arthur Breitman Co-founder of Tezos Interview – XTZ Coin, Staking, USDC and McLaren NFTs on Tezos

Tezos co-founder Arthur Breitman joins Okcoin’s Tony Edward to give an overview of the project, XTZ token, proof of stake features, staking, adoption and much more. We also discuss the recent Tezos adoption news with USDC and McLaren NFTs.
Okcoin just listed Tezos – you can buy, sell, trade, and stake XTZ.
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8 thoughts on “Arthur Breitman Co-founder of Tezos Interview – XTZ Coin, Staking, USDC and McLaren NFTs on Tezos”

  1. Fantastic interview! Thank you Tony for letting us know about okcoin, great exchange 🙂 … 💕 The interviews; it is fantastic way to help the community learn what they are investing into, appreciate your hard work! 🙏😊

  2. The problem with Tezos is that it is proof-of-stake. All PoS tokens are securities and clearly Tezos hasn't provided all the proper compliances as a security. In addition, as a PoS token, it's function like a corporation where the largest "shareholder" controls the governance. Thus, this is more "centralized" than if it was proof-of-work. The "bakers" can sit back on their stake and not continue to invest to improve the network. As a PoS token is no different than the current Central Banking system where a private group controls the currency. Any and all PoS tokens are scams.


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