Bitcoin Supply Shock! What you need to know. $BTC $ETH $SHIB and more

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0:00 Disclaimer – this is Edutainment and not Financial Advice – The opinions expressed in the video are for general informational purposes only and is not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual or any specific security or investment product. It is only intended to provide education about the financial industry.

00:10 Back to Red Except…. SOL EGLD FTM SHIB

01:00 LTH Supply Shock Ration at ATH

02:00 HODLers Not Selling – rather Accumulating

03:00 Supply Shock 4 yr high

04:00 Liquid Supply Change / 3M HODL Wave

05:00 BTC 2.272 Log Fib

06:00 Historical Patterns…. More to Go

07:00 Bitcoin Treasuries Exceed 200K BTC

08:00 Bitcoin

09:00 Post Bitcoin Halving Rallies – Pantera

11:00 Bitcoin ETF Betting Board

12:00 ETH Hodled by Miners new ATH


14:00 Investing Perspective

15:00 More Perspective

16:00 We Know Politicians are Good at Investing

17:00 USDT the $70BN Time Bomb

18:00 IMF HATES Bitcoin


43 thoughts on “Bitcoin Supply Shock! What you need to know. $BTC $ETH $SHIB and more”

  1. You are so much appreciated James. You are the finance-father figure many of us never had and I am really grateful for that. I am 23 now have been watching you for almost 7 months now and you have given me unbelievably valuable insight on so many things. I won't ever forget what you do for us, you are a great man.

  2. You are actually wrong about how much shib is out there. I dont mean any disrespect to you at all but if you look you will see that 41% of the total supply has already been burned. They aren't making any new coins and, they are finding new ways to do burns. They have the nfts about to drop with an option to name the nft through burning shib. They recently partnered with a few different shopping platforms and one of them is doing burns with transactions.

  3. Despite the pandemic, I have about 130k in my investment account and $3000 at least every month as dividends and profits generally. I'm 49 years old and I have always save up for better investments, I have 2 investment accounts, working as an agent/realtor making around 90k -100k a year.

  4. JAMES! THANK you so much. Seriously. Concentrated, Quality, Timely, to the point.
    In a world flooded with most "contributors" cyber dumping their data turds as they flood channels with distractive noise- IA is a thoroughly refreshing gem of awesomeness.

  5. Everyone loves you including me, but can I just say to everyone listening, James doesn’t know everything… and holding coins or tokens other than his top THREE isn’t such a bad idea. I’m holding and staking ALGO, ZIL, SOL, BAND, XTZ, VET, ADA, and I’m enjoying evening interest from these. Bitcoin hasn’t any staking nor does ETH. Also SHIB INU could easily double again before it dumps. So just make sure you get in and back out before it dumps. You have to trust your own instincts. Much love from Scotland x

  6. Hi from California I tried stock trading last year, I lost my trading money, this time I want to try again. I do not want to do it all by myself, I need good advice from a good strategist any good advice will do for now regards

  7. There will ALWAYS BE VOLITILITY IN THE CRYPTO MARKET. Never underestimate the greed and power from the whales and JP Morgan! We will see EXTREME levels of VOLITILITY next year. Fomo coming in and Fomo going out. Without government crackdown on all of the shenanigans it will get much much more epic. We'll be seeing 1000% gains and 85-95% retracements. But if we all play the game JP's way? We will all be Billionaires jiffy quick.

  8. These videos are NOT to long. Because unlike some of the other channels you don’t do comedy skit (wasting the audiences time with gimmicks); and your sir deliver raw and lean content of pure information.
    Thank you and keep it up – I’m referring friends to you everyday.

  9. Just want to say I appreciate the very responsible approach you take to your podcasts. Like when you corrected yourself on the Chinese statement – pointing to the president, not the people. I feel these little clarifications are important to make. I agree as well. The current Chinese leadership is worrying me at the moment. Taiwan is a beautiful country with some very friendly people. I hope they're left alone to live in peace.

  10. James seems to be as ignorant about the Shiba, as generally people about the cryptos today. I have noticed that people who spent long time in traditional finance are struggling to grasp the concept of extrinsic value. They are purely focused on the product and utility, but the best performing projects are not the ones with the most useful products, but with the strongest community of fans.

  11. Hi James, I just wanted to say that all of your videos are so informative and helpful to people like me (just getting started). Do you think people starting now have missed the boat for life changing wealth? Or will there still be solid projects like SOL still to come?

  12. Hey James, I really appreciate the depth and detail you put into your videos. If people have issue with a video length, YouTube has a handy playback speed function that can be easily adjusted in order to allow them to process more information in less time, all without sacrificing the finer points. Thanks so much, keep doing what you’re doing 🙏🏼

  13. Wow if people are potentially making faninancial decisions and feel your videos are too long are clearly deluded as to what investing is all about. I bet non of you understand how much time he spends gathering and reading through this information then converting it in to content. Keep up the great content definitly the best on youtube.

  14. Hi James, your content is truly insightful! When you express there is only one true asset: bitcoin. I'm worried about protocol changes to raise the supply limit. I'm not saying this is going to happen anytime soon. But it could happen. Nothing in bitcoin is permanent ie proposals

  15. Hi James. Saying hi from Denmark😄 Thanks for all your awesome videos. How can I be in the VIP group?😁
    It’s hard to be in crypto in Denmark, we pay 56 procent in taxes on earnings😅

  16. 🚀🚀🚀James, what do you think about asking your superchat members for more creative questions which would be most helpful for the entire audience? 🚀🚀🚀
    It pains me to see you using mental energy on questions like "what should I do?" "rate my portfolio."

    With love!

  17. I'm quite new to the channel and I really like your videos but I haven't been clicking the like button on them like I would for other analysts who provide great content and I've just realised that it's because you look a bit like an evil cartoon villain. I am going to stop judging you for that now though.

  18. I hate people like this guy who don't do full research and call everything pump and dump just because his crypto is not doing good. everything he said about Shiba could also be said about bitcoin and any other coin. at any moment a whale could sell his bitcoin causing a lot downfall to the crypto. wow such a good research there buddy.


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