Blockchain Gaming Updates📝🎮 : Colonize Mars, Alien Worlds, NEW Game on Stellar!!

We’ve got some big blockchain gaming updates this week with Alien Worlds changing the way that its NFT rewards from mining will be distributed. Colonize Mars announces that it will now take 6 NFTs to craft a higher tier NFT, introduces the “critical success” crafting outcome for leveling up NFTs, and also unveils the details of its upcoming mission two NFT crate sale. The Splinterlands NFT trading card game gets banned from its own twitter account and Mteora gains a staking pool on R-Planet.

On top of that we look at the upcoming launch of CityStates Medieval which is a blockchain based empire building game that plans to launch on the Stellar Network. Its an unconventional choice for a blockchain game, but the gameplay sounds interesting as well as the option to withdraw from the game in multiple cryptocurrencies. #nft #colonizemars #blockchaingaming

00:00 Introduction
01:05 Alien Worlds
04:04 Colonize Mars
10:30 Splinterlands
12:00 Mteora
12:51 CityStates Medieval
18:40 Conclusion

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  1. UPDATE: The whitelist was announced while publishing this. To be eligible for standard crates, you need to hold at least one common Mission One card as of 26th June 4 PM UTC. Requirements for the ultimate crate are a legendary card or better as of the same snapshot date and time.

  2. In colonize mars game

    In roadmaps why sketch card not mentioned

    What does mean sketch card

    Is it better than dark matter or not

    Which card give us more martia token for staking rewards ranking wise

    Only mentioned when you add three dark matter 100% chance of get owner ship card if available or if not available owner ship card you get sketch card
    Sketch card is better than the dark matter or no usecase in gameplay

  3. Currently working on a NFT RPG project that is very simple and will be very exiting to play. The project is called Blok Heads and we already listed some of our promotional cards and litepaper stickers on Atomic Hub. The goal is to eventually become stakeable on platforms like rPlanet but that is further down the road. Focusing on content creation (cards, quest ideas, mechanics, calculations etc.).

  4. good content as always ! Dumb question for everyone…I was trying to figure out R-planet this weekend, but can't seem to figure out how to buy wax without KYC rules…is there a way to buy a few bucks of that without having to upload an ID? thx!!

  5. I'm kind of losing interest in alien planet as I'm still to receive a single NFT after having played the game for a month for like 15 hrs. Right now I'm wondering if I can recover my investment.

  6. Thanks for including the unjust Twitter ban of Splinterlands. This is a real eye opener for me as the first time someone I've followed got banned. The tip on the new game is appreciated too. It sounds fun.


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