COINDCX – LENDING & STAKING Trading Platform Tutorial In Hindi || How To Use Staking on CoinDCX

Crypto logic India is a Cryptocurrency Technical Analysis Channel. ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ

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This the place where you will learn Technical Analysis on Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Bitcoin Cash, and other Alt-coins. You will get the latest updates on cryptocurrencies, price prediction, and Daily News on other Assets. CryptoLogic is India, s first Technical Analysis channel on cryptocurrencies. We will talk about all the Bullish and Bearish scenarios for Bitcoin and other Alt-coins. I will try my best to teach you the best trading strategies out there with proper risk and money management. We also have to understand one thing about Technical Analysis and Trading is that ” You don’t have to be in a trade all the time to make a good amount of profits, There are a lot of trades that will come in your way. So with that being said Let’s begin…

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38 thoughts on “COINDCX – LENDING & STAKING Trading Platform Tutorial In Hindi || How To Use Staking on CoinDCX”

  1. Will we get 15-20% reward even if mission of 2000 eths doesn't reaches its goal?
    E.g if I am staking eth but if mission of 2000 eths fail after a year will I be getting 15-20% interest for the period that I had staked my eths?
    Please help me here I am confused..

  2. There's nothing new with the bitcoin price manipulation, everyone is worried and scared. For good reason, people would start selling their assets( Btc, gold,stock or silver) Right now people need cash to be on a safe side because it is the safest asset in the immediate short term. They could have done it in a heartbeat by stopping the flow of new coin entering the market through Partner exchange. Dollar cost averaging is one way to go about increasing your position but it is expensive and less efficient, so what I do is I trade daily then hold 50% of my profit and exchange the other 50% to Fiat. I am accumulating now and taking out profit. I am not an expert trader but I am a smart one because I trade with Mr. Christopher and he provides a lot of insight and signals. I have grown my position from 4 btc to 9.050 btc in less than a month. Brian is truly a genius and his prediction are accurate, efficient and gives you a constant profit streak. He can be reached through tlegrm on Christrade15 or whatsapp on (1-202-843-1653) for more knowledge on cryptocurrency


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