Cosmos ATOM and Celo DeFi: Top 3 Yield Farming Opportunities

Yield farming
Automated market maker
Cosmos DeFi
Celo DeFi

00:00 – Intro
01:11 – Reggaeton
01:20 – Osmosis Zone
06:21 – Sifchain
09:16 – Ubeswap
12:32 – Emeris
13:52 – PStake


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Twitter: @Cryptocito
Telegram Group: @Cryptocito_frens
Telegram: @Cryptocito

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23 thoughts on “Cosmos ATOM and Celo DeFi: Top 3 Yield Farming Opportunities”

  1. Hey BOSS, hope you are doing good, Apr is the static form of APY …. and its a reward we ll get for one year for ur example XPRT/osmo we will see increase in our investment by 186% after one year without assuming compounding effect am I right?

  2. Hey Cito, thank you for this video. I just have a question regarding eEUR and NGM. If eEUR coin is a stable coin such as UST or USDC for example, what is then NGM token? Are these two coins in the same connection as LUNA and UST or is there any other difference between these two coins?

  3. Hi im new one for Cosmos and I just subcribed your channel for getting Cosmos information. Currently Im staking my ATOM token in Binance, what do you think about it? Any advise?

  4. Hi CC!! I'm a big fan and thank you for all your info !! I'm also staking my osmosis with you at stakecito ! i wonder if you can help. I realized i had ATOM on my Atomic wallet on the 18/2/21 , have the public/private keys. Can i still claim osmosis and Juno . And how ? Please advise . ❤❤

  5. Sifchain is a deadly place to be in. They assume we have read all of their +1000 pages documentation. If something terribly goes wrong they simply quote relevant section in that documentation. So better to DYOR and ready to loose your hard earned money with "valid reasons" 🙂

  6. What's also cool about Sifchain is when you want to remove your LP, it give you a choice to have all of your LP returned in either one of those coins. So, say you provided LP for the ATOM/ROWAN pair, you can remove your LP in 100% ATOM, 100% ROWAN or any percentage of either. It's pretty cool.


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