Crypto News – Is Bitcoin Bullish? Coin98 and TKO Token to the moon! Will Million Token dump?

Bitcoin is bullish but faces an uphill battle, Coin98 is going to the Moon and Beyond, TKO Token is finding new support levels and Million Token is trying hard not to take a massive dump. Hey everyone, it’s Crypto Zoomer here. If you like my advice, please like my video and subscribe to my channel.

Bitcoin wanted to test the 48 thousand dollar resistance on the 18th August but was rejected, sending the price back down to test the 44 thousand dollar support level. Thankfully this support level held, pushing bitcoin backup to retest the 48 thousand dollar resistance, breaking through on the 20th August. But we haven’t seen much movement since, the price is still around 48 thousand because there is a lot of resistance all the way up to 57 thousand 500 dollars. I think the market is still bullish, so it’s easier to focus on how the price of bitcoin will move on the daily chart.

As you can see on my chart, there are 3 important resistance levels up to 56 thousand dollars and these are major resistance. So I don’t expect Bitcoin to get over 56 thousand dollars tomorrow.

You might be wondering if now is a good time to buy bitcoin? It really depends on what your goals are or what type of returns you are expecting to see. If you want short term profits, it’s a really risky time to buy bitcoin. The FED has already announced they will end tapering, which has already sent shockwave through the global markets. This is something that will affect the short term price of bitcoin, and possibly cause a major crash. However, if you want to buy bitcoin and hold it for the next 20 or 50 years, sure, I think it is now a great time to buy bitcoin. If you have a long term goal, you should just dollar cost average your portfolio.

That’s one thing I want to talk about, the FED’s tapering and the delta variant could cause another crash, preventing Bitcoin from going higher. Short term Return on Investment potential with crypto is risky, but long term is great.

Look at Coin98, my favourite decentralised exchange coin. This token is bullish like mad and I feel more confident about its short term stability due to mounting pressure on centralised exchanges.

I don’t really feel comfortable predicting the short term price movement for this token; I am very bullish about Coin98. I do think it’s highly possible to see coin98 trading between 6 to 10 dollars within this year.

When there’s more data on Coin98, I will be able to do better short term technical analysis.

Coin98 is wild!

TKO Token is sitting comfortably above 2 dollars 20 cents, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this critical support level is tested. If this level is broken, then the next support level for TKO will be the 2 dollar 10 cents. If this happens, just HODL, I am very bullish about Tokocrypto’s ability to take over the Indonesian crypto market as a regulated exchange. The price will recover. What I really think will happen is the 2 dollar 20 cents support level will push the price back up to the important 2 dollar 50 cents resistance, and then it will be very easy for TKO Token to break the 3 dollar level.

Million Token, my favourite shit coin. It’s so easy to hate this Token, just look at how Patrick Shyu behaves now on his YouTube channel. Even though the price was saved from the 20 dollar range from his last video, it hasn’t moved higher since. 30 dollars has always been a strong level of support for Million Token, once it breaks this level, the Token will easily break the twenties like last time.

You know, just look at the chart on coin market cap, you will see all those sudden pump and dumps, every dump is something selling out of Million Token.

Patrick Shyu is going into self-destruct mode, and he will happily destroy this Token to ensure no one can benefit from his delusional greatness.

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