Daniele Sesta is Creating a Frog Nation Coin?! | Sneak Peak Explained

I woke up this morning to see Daniele tweet some exciting news in regards to the Frog Nation news and the ecosystem in general!

24 thoughts on “Daniele Sesta is Creating a Frog Nation Coin?! | Sneak Peak Explained”

  1. That’s literally how Curve already works with stable coins. So if I understand this right they want to launch a nativ coin for NFT exchange on top of Fantom. So low fees low slippage. But unlike stable coins, NTFs differ in value, so a “middle man” aka the coin they want to launch is needed to combat this and they have to have more diversified liquidity pools with lots of stakers and lockers. I like this project and going to follow this. Please if anyone finds this conclusion wrong let me know. Cheers!

  2. Please for your next video's lower your music in the background. The music is pretty annoying tbh. Especially with these kind of harder to understand video's 🙂

  3. Hi @Austin Clark
    If the APY comes down (because it will come down sooner or later) how Wonderland Team (Daniele &Sifu) plan to compensate the difference?
    How the profit will be shared among stakers-holders?


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