DefiningDeFi Series #2 – The Future of Chain-Agnostic Platforms

#DeFiningDeFi is a panel discussion series organized by TomoChain, aimed to bring you the most insightful and in-depth analysis of DeFi from different perspectives, and with the most experienced blockchain experts.

In this episode, we will be discussing “The Future of Chain-Agnostic DeFi Platforms” – the latest DeFi frenzy which is focusing on cross-blockchain platforms based staking/lending/swapping, and how these innovations are adding value, and challenging centralized systems.

0:02 Frank the host introduces the panel
1:22 Kyn Charturvedi introduces TomoChain
2:33 John Patrick Mullin introduces MANTRA DAO
3:33 Ravindra Kumar introduces Frontier

6:18 How do MANTRA DAO & TomoChain help each other by using each other’s services?
7:41 What do you view as the most important emerging trends in the DeFi space?
18:35 The Kucoin hacker used Uniswap and Kyberswap to sell hacked funds. BitMex has been indicted due to serving US customers and not having AML/KYC in place. How do you think this could affect for the DeFi space? Are DEX’s also under threat of being shut down? Are their founders in danger? What should they do to ensure the safety and longevity of the DeFi space?
30:00 DeFi is complicated. There is a range of concepts to understand, bad UX/UI’s, rug pulls left and right and more. What do you view as the greatest weaknesses and challenges the DeFi space is facing?
42:26 What are the primary advantages that DeFi aggregator services offer to new and existing users? What problems do they solve?
49:55 Every day there are new DeFi projects that offer features like staking / lending / swapping. Many of them end up being copies of one another with small tweaks and yet more end up being rug pulls. What do you think the DeFi space will look like one year from now, what can we expect? (Twitter user @cryptoboy237)
55:04 List 3-4 killer features of your platform, products or services. What is the competitive advantage your platform has that you feel most confident about? (Twitter user @Bayhaqi80)

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