dYdX, pancakeswap and 1inch are MASSIVELY undervalued

dYdX, Pancakeswap and 1inch are exceptional dex tokens. Pancakeswap went wild in January and the dYdX token is starting to follow suit. It’s because they’re brilliant crypto options. With no KYC crap they are unbannable by even the most anti-crypto governments. Which of course means dYdX and even established dex’s like pancakeswap and 1inch are set to shoot off in price.

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Recap: dYdX token, pancakeswap and 1inch are great crypto coins.

28 thoughts on “dYdX, pancakeswap and 1inch are MASSIVELY undervalued”

  1. I agreed with pancake swap. Still shocked that it’s under performing, especially when everyone complains about the ETh gas fees in UNI. It’s like have you not heard of CAKE!?


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