Easy Foundation Application for Beginners

Hey guys! Today I’m going to show you my easy foundation application tips for beginners. I know it can be challenging when you first start getting into makeup and don’t know the best brands, shades and type of products! When it comes to foundation, it can really make or break your look so we have to make sure we find one that will compliment your skin type. If you have more oily skin than maybe go with oil-free foundation. If your skin is more dry than oily than perhaps you need the opposite. Just watch the video as I break down all the steps and demonstrate with a tutorial!

I partnered up with Clinique’s Beyond Perfecting 2 in 1 Foundation and Concealer to show you how to achieve flawless coverage. This is a medium to full coverage foundation that you can build up or wear lightly during the summer months ahead. Here are some more facts about this product in case you’d like to know:

***NOTE I AM WEARING SHADE 9 in the foundation

What it is: An oil-free foundation and concealer in one that achieves a flawless look that lasts all day.

What it does: This lightweight, moisturizing foundation and concealer provides full coverage without clogging pores. Provides 12-hour wear, for very dry to combination oily skin types. It has a special polymer formula that forms a flexible film that moves with the skin for lasting wear, and it dries slowly for easy blending. Get lasting coverage and give skin a perfected look that stays put, even through sweat and humidity.

What it is formulated WITHOUT: Parabens, 100% Fragrance Free

What else you need to know: A little goes a long way! Just one dip of the wand gives you a full-face application, and it can be used to spot-conceal, too. 😉

Here’s another video I did on Clinique’s foundation not too long ago putting it to the 12 hour test! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m7Iaj_H-cgo&t=56s

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Special thanks to Clinique for sponsoring this video!

45 thoughts on “Easy Foundation Application for Beginners”

  1. Wow, these comments are so hateful. Of course there will be some sponsored videos, how do you think Sazan makes a living? This is not a hobby of hers, but her livelihood. The people who make these comments just seem uneducated and really have no common sense about what the real world is. Is Sazan supposed to be living off your nice comments and your "likes"?! Get over yourselves people!

  2. why so much hate?? it's a really great video with helpful tips i actually did learn stuff in 3 mins. love your videos Sazan you don't know how excited i get when i get a notification about a new video xx keep up the great work

  3. face palm @ all this hate. Goodness. Another great vid you beautiful, charming human!! Love how you have responded to some of these comments. Hope none of it gets taken to heart because it is NOT* constructive criticism. You do you, haters gon hate.

  4. This is not a hate comment. I have to agree with some comments that this doesn't really help on how to apply foundation (like how you are supposed to dab or pat and not drag) but I think we kinda "naturally" pick up on how to apply foundation using at least fingers.. At least I think I did a pretty well job with mine😁 I am looking for a good foundation and that's a great tip to match to the neck instead of the face. Even though this is like an ad, I am not forced to buy the foundation so I don't know why some are so worked up. If you really don't like the video, no one is forcing you to watch so no big deal right?. Makeup are supposed to be fun! Chill 😋

  5. Sazan keep it up! You're awesome. You're very inspiring! This tutorial is very helpful. Thank you!….P.S Haters don't really hate you, they hate themselves; because you're a reflection of what they wish to be.

  6. Hey Sazan, I'm definitely not a hater and LOVE your style and videos – I don't even wear make up but I love watching you 😂 But I can't help but agree to some of the comments here – the advertised product blogs are a part of every youtubers content and hated videos (I dislike them too) so don't take it personally.

    PS – I'm still waiting for that favorite face mask video you suggested in one of your earlier videos! 🙂

  7. Hey Sazan! I loved this video and the way you edited it, specially the part where you zoom in on your face, it helps to see the details and notice how the foundation lays on the skin 🙂 kisses from France! <3

  8. Hey I like the video. I don't get what the fuss is about! It probably didn't elaborate all that much but the content of the video is still pretty helpful. As someone who uses Clinique, she couldn't have said more. The foundation is great and sits well so it would actually be a great pick for the beginners. Enough said!
    Good Job, +Sazan Hendrix! Your videos really do help me out every once in a while.
    Much love! xo

  9. it would be more helpful if you have some advice , but you just apply your (not very cheap) foundation for all skin types. i would like to know smth about powdering after foundation, mixing wet and dry on your​face and in what order, what brushes to use with different types of foundation, and so on, hope you got my idea ! smth that person has to know whilst doing his/her make up for the first time.
    i ve been watching you for a long time and i noticed that some time you don't give all the information that i think you can give, but i don't think that your videos are bad or anything!)
    (sorry for mistakes, English is not my native language ❤)

  10. hi suzan:) I just want to compliment you on such amazing videos. I simply love your personality. I hope to become so bubbly , full of life and have energy like you some day.keep up your good work my dear and don't let those hate comments get to you. it's just negativity floating around and u don't need any it.

  11. Love you and your videos Saz!😍 Honestly I don't know how you do it to put up with all these people's comments, they're never pleased😩 Props to you girl!👍🏼😃

  12. Short story. I learn to put makeup on from all your video. Yeay ^^. Thank you so much. I just looooovvve everything about you. The way you talk, the way you give tutorial. Quite amaaazing. Well, I'm thinking about contouring for round face for your next video (yes I have round face). I'll be waiting for that. Love you love you love you Sazan :*:*:*:*

  13. Sazan – I just want to say that I absolutely love you and your channel. You are so genuine — even with your sponsored videos (which people (ahem, haters) need to realize are necessary for beauty bloggers to do), I can always tell that you love the products and what you're doing. 🙂 Keep being incredible!

  14. You are beautiful Sazan! I always look forward to your videos 💕 ignore the people that have nothing better to do with their life's but just hate . I never comment on videos but felt like I had to say you are inspirational and beautiful ! Keep doing your thing !💕much love ❤️


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