Ecomi 100% CONFIRMED Going To OpenSea!!! VeVe NFTs Will Lead The partnership! Omi Crypto Token!!!

Ecomi 100% CONFIRMED Going To OpenSea!!! VeVe NFTs Will Lead The partnership! Omi Crypto Token!!! | Cavell Anderson

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Ecomi / Omi Coin is the Future of NFT’s and has partnered with some of the most powerful brands in the worlds that’s generated hundreds of billions of dollars collectively. There is a lot of potential in this brand and we are all aboard very very early as it’s still currently in beta! Don’t miss this opportunity!


34 thoughts on “Ecomi 100% CONFIRMED Going To OpenSea!!! VeVe NFTs Will Lead The partnership! Omi Crypto Token!!!”

  1. The NFT world is booming right now. And it will probably be the future of gaming. A great project that is starting is Block Monsters, it would be interesting to hear your opinion on. It's an NFT game that stirs a lot with our emotions and memories.

  2. I think the biggest metric driving ecomi is new users. We've seen price increases in both NFTs and OMI after key events. The most recent of which were Marvel collectibles followed by the comics. The user growth for each event was obvious to anyone who is paying attention. I think that opensea will be another event that will drive significant user growth. I think that people generally expect we will see a massive price increase in NFTs immediately. I think we will see a spike immediately, but the real effect will come over the course of a couple of weeks or a month. Ideally we will see a marketing launch through RCPMK right around the time of opensea. So bottom line I think this will be very good for ecomi, but i don't think it will be an instant moonshot as many people think. Of course I wouldn't mind being wrong about instant moonshot 😁🍻

  3. Hey Cavell what do you think about one of Opensea's execs Nate Chastain front running NFT listings buying them up and selling them on before they get listed? It sort of puts a black mark on the platform even though this couldn't happen with Veve as Veve won't be putting any drops on there.

  4. Thank you for the news! Have you heard about Block Monsters? It's a new NFT game inspired by pokémon, that concept is amazing and will sure rise very soon. Try make a video about it.

  5. Great content today, Cavell, thanks! I'd like to see an easy way to gift an NFT to another person… a way to virtually wrap it and gift to another's VeVe account. Being in the supply chain biz, I see supply chains around the world still struggling mightily, lasting into 2022 and maybe even beyond. Anyway, with the holiday gift giving season just around the corner, there will be alot of physical items out of stock (toys, bikes, etc). Enter virtual gifts like NFT's… this could be another tailwind for VeVe adoption. These licensed NFT's are loved by kids and adults! But let's make it easy to gift them to others. 🙂

  6. People just want the ability to bring money into their wallet and take it out when they want and how much they want with ease at any moment. At what platform the purchase or sale is going to happen is secondary.

  7. I fully agree. When people start selling on open C, eventually the people on opensea will come to Vieve . Vevr offers more for the collectible then just open sea. Once they see the utility and the things you can do with show rooms, why would they want these collectibles on opensea?

  8. Licensed IP is definitely gonna win. I haven’t bought a Warzone character skin in a few seasons now. They just dropped Judge Dredd and I couldn’t stop myself, even though I said I wouldn’t give them any money until they delivered a new map. That IP got me


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