Ecomi / OMI – MASSIVE License For Veve NFTs – Watch Till End.. LFG! πŸŒ•

MORE & MORE BULLISH NEWS!? Ecomi, Veve, and the OMI token are on the way to legendary status in the Crypto, blockchain, and NFT world! In this video I highlight:
– Veve Whale Price War, Captain America NFT comic SOLD OUT (30k editions in 1 second), Throg! The Frog of Thunder from Marvel / Ecomi, MGM LICENSE!! Why it’s massive, 007, James Bond, and why MGM is huuuuuge for Ecomi & Veve. Watch till the end.. Some quick detective work you won’t want to miss..

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21 thoughts on “Ecomi / OMI – MASSIVE License For Veve NFTs – Watch Till End.. LFG! πŸŒ•”

  1. Veve is just a headache now lol. Spent double the amount on collectibles than I have on OMI. Now im low on funds and contemplating selling other crypto for the project. FOMO is real.

  2. I kept hoping the SR would drop to at least 1.5k I sold everything because all of them have! Cap comic stayed strong πŸ₯Ί so I got a starfire and a joe Batman. Now to get a throg blindbox to HODL whatever I get, and hope I get some good luck on the next commons


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