Ep8: Wax Token with Malcolm CasSelle

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You’ve probably heard of people buying virtual items online like crypto kitties for example. They live only online so why in the world would you buy one?

Well, what if you spend several hours per day on the internet. Is your cyber-bling any less important than the ones we consider “real”?

If you start to understand this, you will see very quickly an entire world that is unfolding quickly. Some of this is being aided by the rise of distributed ledger technology.

WAX, Worldwide Asset eXchange™, is a project that I am convinced will become a major player in a $50 billion industry. In other words, I think holders of WAX token have a good chance of doing quite well over the next few years if they get in early.

To help you understand my enthusiasm for the project, this week on Consensus Network, I have invited Malcolm CasSelle, president of WAX, to explain this new world and why it might make sense to invest in it.

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