6 thoughts on “FEG TOKEN: UP UP AND AWAY WE GO ! 🔥🔥🔥”

  1. It’s all about the feg exchange, once the token deployer is launched and tokens start listing on the exchange, safely knowing that the smart defi contact locks the liquidity of the token and is unruggable (game changer)!!!
    People will queuing round the block to get their tokens listed on fegex, all bringing a massive amount of volume to the exchange and feg token plus the Rox token, #feg is going to the moon very soon and is making defi a safer place for all.
    Think about it, you have a chance to list a token prove it’s legit by deploying it on the smart defi unruggable contract and giving piece of mind to the investors.
    I personally will only invest in new tokens that are listed on the fegex as anything is most probably a scam!
    No other other exchange offers this level of security.
    #feg is the future


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