Objectives of Financial Planning & Financial Planner Profession

Actually what is the purpose of financial planning? What is the profession of a financial planner? Find the answer in the following infographic.

What is the Purpose of Financial Planning?

Some people think financial planning aims to be rich. This statement is true, but not 100% true. When you plan your finances, you can start to be more regular in giving charity, protect your assets, invest to realize your financial goals (short, medium and long term financial goals).

Well-planned finances, of course, will result in prosperity so you can have more time for your family, you can live happier, you can sleep better and live more gratefully.

How is the Human Life Stage?

Everyone certainly has a stage of life or human life stage, starting from babies, children, adults, married and old. Each of these phases or stages of course has a financial need. For example, when you were in college, maybe you were still thinking about having fun.

Entering the world of work and career, you have thought about how to invest, use credit cards, prepare funds for marriage, buy a house and so on. Likewise when a person enters retirement phases.

What is the Professional Financial Planner (Financial Planner)?

The financial planner profession is a profession that helps clients to manage and plan finances. The financial planners provide services for financial consulting and making financial plans (financial plans).

In the financial plan, you will get a strategy to realize your financial goals, ranging from strategies to improve cashflow, pay off debt and invest for the medium and long term.

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