First Impression ♡ Maybelline Fit Me Shine Free Foundation Stick – FOUNDATION APPLICATION DEMO

First impression over a time period of 7.5 hours. Love hate relationship! You’ll see what I mean when you watch the video.. 😉 Did you see this??

I used the colors Natural Beige 220 and Toffee 330
Using xoBeauty Angled Top Face Brush

From the website. My thoughts are in brackets.

“Our first gel stick foundation with an anti-shine core
Fresh gel foundation blends to a natural matte finish (definitely not matte at all, more of a natural semi-dewy finish)
Lightweight powders in the anti-shine core instantly dissolve excess oil (doesn’t feel powdery)

Why You’ll Love It
It’s one-step perfection.
The first of its kind — lightweight gel stick foundation with an anti-shine powder core:

Powder core instantly dissolves excess oil.
For flawless, shine-free skin and tailor-made natural matte coverage.
Easy to apply and great on-the go.
Available in 12 oil-free shades.
For Best Results
Apply to your face and blend evenly with your fingertips.”

Also Used:
Kevin Aucoin Sensual Skin Enchancer
xoBeauty Eyeliner Brush
MAC Prolongwear Concealer
ELF HD Powder
Cover FX Powder
xoBeauty Kabuki Brush


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Editing: iMovie
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35 thoughts on “First Impression ♡ Maybelline Fit Me Shine Free Foundation Stick – FOUNDATION APPLICATION DEMO”

  1. I'm going to be honest with you without makeup you were one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen in my entire life actually the most beautiful woman I've ever seen to be quite Frank but I like your way better without the makeup because who in the world would want to hide her face like that

  2. I was scared to buy this because I bought a stick concelear once and it was cakey and sunk into my fine lines under my eye. That was my only experience with stick makeup. Will this do that to me?
    The only foundations I stick to and don't stick into my fine lines are fenty and maybelinne age rewind is ok too

  3. I have pretty dry skin, but this works pretty decent, a very natural finish, works well for covering redness, just make sure you’ve exfoliated recently enough, because I’ll have problems with any foundation if I haven’t taken care of that.

  4. I just bought this foundation as my skin has gone from oily to dry as I moved into a different climate. Holy shit I hate it. Even just trying to dust on blush lightly pulled a line of the foundation off. Ugh Never again

  5. Weirdly, for me, I have dry 43 year old skin. And I am a foundation JUNKIE. I have been reaching for this one EVERY DAY. That being said, I do a SUPER light application, not on any wrinkly areas, and lightly buff in with my fingers. It feels like velvet going on, and if i just want a very light makeup, not heavy look, I'm loving it. No powder set, just super light use. Weird bc I thought I would hate it. But I'm preferring it over my Tarte, Laura Mercier, Dior and MAC foundations. Just my POV 🙏🏻💜💜💜

    Is that eyeshadow from the MUG Manny MUA collab pallet? I feel like it looks JUST like the shade on the bottom left row. No, I'm not at all a makeup obsessed weirdo lol

  6. Yea, it does move around and comes right off so having more coverage foundation under it would works to give an airbrush look. There is a powder in the center of the foundation stick and I think that's y it feels slippery and glides.

  7. I miss the cover girl stick they use to make… it was the best coverage it would cover a lot… I used it for a bruise and you couldn't see it …use to buy it in 2004-5 I thought they would have still had it looked but didn't find it… Trying to find one with less oil and more coverage…. Wanted to try Laura Mercier Secret Concealer see how that works


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