How To Buy ORN Token On Binance For Naira (NGN) Users

This is a complete video guide on how you can buy ORN Tokens on Binance using the Binance mobile app.

This video is specifically for Naira (NGN) Users, however you can follow the same steps demonstrated in this video if you already have 10 USDT and above in your USDT wallet.

✅Simply deposit your local currency to Binance (if there is a wallet on Binance for your local currency). If not, you can purchase USDT or BTC directly from the spot wallet using your MasterCard or Visa Card.
✅Once you have successfully purchased BTC or USDT, still on the spot wallet, locate ORN (Orion Protocol).
✅Open the ORN wallet and select any of the pair ORN/BTC or ORN/USDT depending on which you bought. Say USDT for instance, then you simply click on ORN/USDT.
✅Finally, specify the amount of ORN Token you want. Stay on “Buy” and execute a limit or market order. Once your order is filled, your wallet would be updated with the ORN Token.

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