How to maximize your profits from Zilliqa staking? How often should you claim staking rewards?

Welcome to another edition of Zilliqa Zebra! Are you unsure how to stake on the zilliqa blockchain? Or are you confused with what gzil is and how to earn it? Let Zilliqa zebra help. In this video, I am going to share with you some great tips on how often you should claim your staking rewards, and how to maximise your profits from zilliqa staking.

What you will learn
+What is Zilliqa staking?
+Staking on Zilliqa step-by-step
+Understanding the APR
+What is gZIL?
+How often should you claim rewards?
+Planning with a real-time calculator
+How to maximise your staking rewards?

By Zilliqa Zebra, a grazing investor and an ardent supporter of the Zilliqa initiative.

17 thoughts on “How to maximize your profits from Zilliqa staking? How often should you claim staking rewards?”

  1. Suggestion: Add time stamps on the video so we can jump directly to the topics of interest!
    You can do this like
    00:00 intro
    00:30 What is Zilliqa staking?
    and on and on!

    Congratulations for the channel, I love the concept! Discovered it now and I've been enjoying the videos 👏👏

  2. Kinda new in crypto here so can I say that investing longterm. It's better for me to stake my zil so I can accumulate more zil till probably 2-3 years down the road and sell off? Rather than just holding it on any Crypto exchange?

  3. My best earning node is Zillacracy. Anyone on Zil swap? Would love to hear of the returns for participation. Im planning to send other coins their soon. Cut the middleman and swap! Soon other tokens will be added.

  4. Atomic keeps raising the amount of Zil I need to claim my Zil rewards. A few days ago they raised it to 21 zil and then a few days later they say I need 31.5 zil available to claim Zil. What the heck? I have to buy zil now and send it to Atomic. I really need a better wallet they are charging too much Zil.

  5. Excellent content on a solid project 👏

    Great time to start doing videos for zilliqa since it’s such early days for the project

    Thank you, I’ve subscribed and looking forward to more..


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