How to Move tokens from Ethereum ERC20 to Polygon Matic Network and BSC | Zeroswap

ZeroSwap is a DEX aggregator protocol that supports multi-chain, gasless transactions (no platform fee but users need to pay the network fee) and zero trading fee facilities to the users. Recently, ZeroSwap launched the ETH to BSC Bridge. Using the ETH-BSC Bridge, users can convert their ERC20 standard ZEE token into a BEP20 standard to make it compatible with Binance Smart Chain and vice-versa. Zeroswap also works with DFYN AMM dex on Polygon previously Matic Network.

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00:00 Introduction
01:51 MetaMask Setup
03:40 Get Zee on Uniswap
07:05 Token Bridge
09:03 Add Custom Token
10:53 ZEE/DFYN Farming
13:01 Conclusion


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  3. In this day and age I shouldn't have to go here or there just to do transfers. Where's the one stop transfer coin.
    Just as if I was to just give the grocery store my atm or Credit Card. No going here or there or waiting.
    Like standing in a Cashiers line cause the buyer can't find their wallet. Scan and GO!


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