How To Prevent Dusting Attacks: HD Wallets, UTXO, Coin Control

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15 thoughts on “How To Prevent Dusting Attacks: HD Wallets, UTXO, Coin Control”

  1. It says I received some crypto that I didn’t purchase. Vikings crypto. This happened after I purchased a few meme coins. What does it mean and what should I do?

  2. Can please someone explain: i got a very small transaction amount of 0.00003 btc on my electrum wallet adress. I know it's called "dust". When i view the transansaction details, i see the dust as input and output. Now my question: in the output are (besides the dust) like 20-30 other adresses, all with different amount of btc. What are these outputs, and why are they not available as input? So the blockchain explorer shows one input (0.00003 btc) with like 30 output adresses (amount like 0.1 btc). And one of these output adresses is the dust with 0.00003 btc. Please help me im very desperate.

  3. Ok so I wont touch the dust, but what about all my other tokens I hold in the exact same BSC address in Metamask which I do need to transact, sell, get new tokens, etc? What can I even do, I'm gonna be tracked anyway?

  4. Would you recommend going from KYC Exchange > Wasabi (coinjoin) > Ledger or is that pointless? Looking to HODL some bitcoin long-term in Ledger Nano X.

    Thanks. Enjoying your content. 🙂


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