How to Purchase and Stake PancakeSwap Tokens in the US

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31 thoughts on “How to Purchase and Stake PancakeSwap Tokens in the US”

  1. Why not just use trust wallet on your phone! Much easier in my opinion. Also to withdraw BNB from my account I had to wait 10 days in order to withdraw any crypto. Another option might be to transfer some USDT to Kucoin and then buy cake directly there 🙂 Once you have the cake tokens just transfer them to whatever wallet you have.

  2. Maybe someone here can help me, I don't want to lose my bnb. How do I get my bnb off of pancakeswap and convert it to USDT and eventually to my bank? I don't have binance it's not available in Texas. But I do have binance wallet and meta mask and crypto .com. Already made a mistake a few weeks ago and transfered it to coinbase and now I don't have access to it on coinbase. Thanks!

  3. Looks Like the Whatsapp reply is a Fugazi account, if you look at the i in the name it has an accent and there also isn't a background on the name. DO NOT USE THAT NUMBER, IT IS A SCAM!!

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  5. Well I have a question. I feel sick today because I sent my xrp from my ledger to Uphold. I had correct address, but for some reason put the wrong destination tag. I have emailed uphold and showed them the transition for proof. Is it gone? Please someone tell me there is a way to get it back?? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  6. Be Careful … I can’t Unstake my Cake … and I’m unable to swap any of my tokens .., Using the Binance Chain Wallet .. Yes using the smart chain side of the wallet … Has been working like a charm … but now When I try to swap is says “Swap Failed: undefined ? When I try to Unstake my Cake it says Error – replacement transaction underpriced … I’ve tried adjusting the slippage … nothing … sent more BNB to the wallet even thought I had enough … nothing … reinstalled the wallet on google chrome instead of Brave which is what I use nothing …..if anyone has any ideas I’m all ears … this is the problem with defi I suppose


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