I put 6700 $ into Pancake Swap for passive Income —- Longterm Investment pt.4

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0:01 I’d watch till the end;)
In this video i’m having another look into Pancakeswap and its staking pool.
I believe that defi has a great future and is a good way for passive income.’

…and the first 2 month went great.
Also…NFTs are coming !

Upgrade your Metamask to the BNB network in order to contact your wallet with Pancakeswap:

Buy Crypto on Binance in order to send it to your metamask:

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18 thoughts on “I put 6700 $ into Pancake Swap for passive Income —- Longterm Investment pt.4”

  1. There might be so many investments out there but if profits must be considered which is actually the sole aim of every investment then l'll advice you go into crypto trading because it has a higher profit rate than most investments out there.

  2. This video kinda solidified my belief in $CAKE again. Just the sort of video i needed to narrow down my focus for the next month at least. Simply explained and well done. Thank you mate! Subscribed, notifications on!

  3. hey brother, would you still bullish on cake after Cardano launch? I'm also staking 100 Cake, and thinking on add some more or maybe invest on $AGIX or $COTI any thought on them ? thanks


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