Infinate Omi Burn Loop to take Omi Token to the Moon

I think I have discovered a way to do an infinite burn of Omi. by buying the Omi token on an exchange and then buying a NFT through Veve app and selling it in a specific way I believe that we as a community will be able to increase the burn of Omi by creating an infinite Omi burn loop and in turn send the price of Omi to the moon

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38 thoughts on “Infinate Omi Burn Loop to take Omi Token to the Moon”

  1. Lets also say that a true OMI homies unite at a discord channel and if all goes well at Christmass we make a burn event where everyone sends for example 10% to OMI burn wallet.
    I hold 4 mil OMI and i would easily give 500k to greater good.

  2. This idea won’t work because of the 2.5% increase in price every sale. If Buyer A buys an NFT for 100.00 and resells to Buyer B for 102.50. Then B resells to A it will have to be for 105.06 to break even. The price will rise 2.5% every sale to break even. It’s not an infinite loop, it’s more like musical chairs because the last man holding will eat the fee

  3. Buyer 1 buys for 100 and sells for 103. Buyer 2 buys for 103, so needs to sells for 107. Buyer 3 buys for 107 and sells for 112….
    So after 3 times you are selling well above market value. But basicly this is happening without "making a loop" ,since people will always resell some of their stuff. So you are basicly describing how it works. Only people do lose money doing it….. which their own choice….. So you are getting very excited about how the tokenomics already works. Good for you……

  4. So this idea is 'essentially', dead. No one is going to be biting the bullet and incurring the fees for the benefit of everyone. Also, the amount of times that this would need to be done for the price to move would have to be an infinite amount lol Omi supply is too high but that was some nice RuneScape exploit logic.

  5. why do I get the feeling ECOMI wouldn't let that happen? It smells a bit like "artificial"way to change the OMI price and since the ECOMI owners have OMI token they may end up in jail if any regulation is applied. Actually I'm not too sure if all of this tokenomics you all get crazy about can be considered legal. BUT ANYWAYS, if this is possible and done it will be just awesome 😎

  6. When OMI to NFT kicks in, I think I’ll never buy NFT with GEM anymore. I’ll keep collecting OMI and OmiNFT. I know surely there will be NFT that only can be bought with Gem. Well unless I really want that particular NFT. But I there will also be NFT that can only be bought with OMI.. burn! 🔥⭕️🚀🍻

  7. Sorry I'm not understand.
    1. Person a buys an nft from person b for $100 worth of omi
    2. That $100 of omi gets burnt
    So if that $100 worth of omi gets burn, how does person b get paid? in gems? if so, is veve paying for those gems cause this isn't making any sense?

  8. The team will catch wind of this. Someone will ask in an ama and Dan is going to rain on this parade. Shoulda waited till everything was ready to implement for this video. Why would the team rain on this parade? Idk legal issues, they like to use that reason for stuff. Who cares, lets not give em a chance?

  9. Converting gems to fiat burns the underlying OMI that was set aside at the time the gems were purchased? That is the part I’m struggling with.

    I’m sure some will exploit something like this, but sounds like an awful lot of work. I’d rather see the burn organically and via additional utility the team is working on.

  10. Currently they lose 30% with app store purchases. If enough people do this, you will bankrupt Ecomi. It would be akin to everyone pulling all their money out the bank at once. Let's imagine you decide to put the amount at $100,000. And rinse and repeat over and over. You will kill the company.

  11. Can't help wondering what's in it for Ian and Steve. They are just losing 2.5% of their investment every time the sale of the nft happens. So Steve needs 103$ worth of gems and only gets $100 back. What did I miss?

  12. Can't help wondering what's in it for Ian and Steve. They are just losing 2.5% of their investment every time the sale of the nft happens. So Steve needs 103$ worth of gems and only gets $100 back. What did I miss?


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