Linear Finance token (Lina) A Potential Home Run in the Crypto Derivatives Market

Yes, it has already 4x’d. Is it too late? It could be. I bought some at current prices. As to whether you do, that is up to you. I wish it had been on my radar sooner, but we can’t catch everything at the bottom, that is just part of being human.
I am still researching this further for myself, but it has cross chain compatibility in one of my favorite niches in crypto, which is the derivatives market. That along tempted me too much to pass up.
Would I recommend it to you? I would suggest you research the heck out of it to see if it is right for you. I make many great decisions, but also some bad ones.

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Also, if you like real estate investing, I am sharing my real estate secrets that help me have money to invest in crypto on my other channel.
Crypto is great, but if you cash out so you don’t have to hold through the crypto winter, perhaps this will give you some ideas for those couple years. Especially the house flipping videos.

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Remember, these are just my thoughts that are driving my own decisions. You are responsible for your decisions and to be clear, I AM NOT a financial advisor and therefore, make all the decisions completely for yourself with the help of your financial advisor.

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20 thoughts on “Linear Finance token (Lina) A Potential Home Run in the Crypto Derivatives Market”

  1. Question: why would investors choose this over traditional investing on a platform like Webull? What incentives are there? Why buy sBTC when you can just buy BTC, or an actual Tesla stock instead of their synthetic asset?

  2. You should consider doing starting a $1000 to $10,000 series on Monday. You would get found in people searching for them, PLUS it is an awesome idea. I'm new since early Jan, and am watching the 10x happen, but my best is 3x with ADA. Subbed!


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