Low Cap Coin with NO GAS FEES for Staking Coins!

Savix has launched their no gas fees staking model for their SVX token which stakes their crypto tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and even adjusts the supply in real-time?!
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Savix is a low cap coin which means the market cap is really low — people often refer to coins like this as potential hidden gems or crypto moonshots because it only needs a 2 million dollar market cap to double in price whereas many cryptocurrencies need to increase by BILLIONS to double your crypto investment. What is interesting about Savix token is the fact they have implemented no gas fee or gas-free staking mechanics into their token and to put it simply transaction fees on Ethereum or “gas fees” are simply insane costing $25 to well over $100 dollars for different transactions on the ETH blockchain. Let’s review Savix and their SVX token!

Ethereum SVX Savix Uniswap pairing – https://info.uniswap.org/pair/0x0e550efde3e9875e05be2d24b52dad6ce2155364
Metamask set up video guide – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fe4whcn-s88
How to set up Metamask tutorial – https://medium.com/voskcoin/how-to-use-metamask-what-metamask-is-63b35fa95fb3

⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 This Ethereum token has gas-free staking for passive income?
01:53 This project is intermediate level – please be safe
02:56 Savix has been successfully audited
03:42 Savix is trying to redefine passive income with DeFi! DeFi Dashboard
05:07 Gas fees on Ethereum are atrocious – gas free staking!
06:21 How much can you make with Savix?
07:19 The Savix platform & dashboard
09:42 $SVX token and long-term gains
11:27 Where can you buy SVX?
11:58 Savix Roadmap & future
13:11 Savix review and final thoughts

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22 thoughts on “Low Cap Coin with NO GAS FEES for Staking Coins!”

  1. This is the first time I have ever received advice from a youtube video and saw instant returns. I decided to give this swap a try after holding off staking my ETH. I swapped it at 17 dollars and my initial investment doubled not from staking, but just from the value of the coin which shot up to almost 26. Thanks vosk you made ya boi some sick cash

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