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In’s on going “Make Up Basics” Series for Indian Women, Pallavi Symons, our exclusive Makeup Expert, teaches you everything you need to know about Concealers and Foundations, from choosing the right shade, to application tips and tricks. Dark skin can be tricky when it comes to application of foundation, Pallavi explains what to do! Foundation forms the base for your coloured makeup and it is essential that you get it right. For the most natural and flawless looking skin, just how all the celebrities have it. Check this out!

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40 thoughts on “Makeup For Indian Skin | Foundation & Concealer Application| Glamrs”

  1. Hello can you tell moisturiser for all skin types cuz my skin is oily skin I can’t find good moisturiser when i choose sometimes it makes my skin dull or am getting pimples

  2. Whenever i get matched for foundation at fenty or estee lauder its always too too light for my preference. Seems like MAC cosmetics usually match me better. I get a more tan healthier tone from MAC..

  3. Madam pallavi ji do u conduct any clasess personally self making makeup for 40+womenes with paying fee to tne clasess i am intrested io make makeup with correct produc5s and skincare products thats y. I want to learn some thinf from u or if not. Through ur instute

  4. It's summer already n wateva tricks n tips I apply to my makeup it has to be get down when I step outside. So it's a urge to make some videos on long lasting makeup with the affordable products.

  5. Hlo mam i watched every video of yours i love to do makeup but my skin is so sensitive that even the olive oil cause pimples on my face cn u plz tel me which foundation n concealer shall i choose for my skin ??

  6. Hey pallavi, can you show us your start to finish makeup routine? For everyday as well as a couple of different looks. Maybe a night look, a festive look, etc. My skin tone is nearer to yours and you look great! I'm in my mid twenties and have never really done makeup before, although I've bought a couple of lipsticks and pressed powder in the hopes of starting to someday . Your channel is amazing and very informative and you've got a new subscriber!


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