MemePad Review – ElonDoge Token Does 100X!!

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Making money with cryptocurrency is all about following narratives. Whether it be DEX’s meme tokens or even launch pads it’s important to pay attention to what is happening right now.

In this video I do a review on memepad and talk about the recent elendoge token that did 100X. As a matter of fact someone from one of the masterminds I’m involved with ended up doing 100X which means he invested $1,000 and got back $100,000.

Following trending narratives is important but timing is also essential and crucial. The meme space has a great future but be cautious when getting involved. I’ll break down my price prediction for memepad with some backed evidence of it’s potential.

As always these videos are for education purposes and aren’t a substitute for financial advice. Enjoy my meme pad crypto price prediction, how to buy, memepad news, and more..

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8 thoughts on “MemePad Review – ElonDoge Token Does 100X!!”

  1. Be careful of copy cat accounts of my YouTube account acting as me! Never trust anything in my comments section as most are SCAMS. Many people are being savvy and creating multiple accounts to create fake dialogues between fake people.

  2. BSCPad is a waste of time! With the bronze tier you must skate 1000BSCpad tokens = $1200USD more or less. Lexit just launched. The bronze tier received a $14US allocation! lol wtf!!!


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