Metamask Wallet Tutorial | How To Add Tokens To Metamask !

In this Cryptocurrency Tutorial, I show you how to add ERC-20 tokens to your Metamask Wallet for the Ethereum Blockchain !

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29 thoughts on “Metamask Wallet Tutorial | How To Add Tokens To Metamask !”

  1. I contacted Ledger support to help me and they guided me to connect my metamask. I reached them through their telegram group, you get faster responses there. This is their customer support link: t. me/ledgerwalletonline (join the spaces to form a link)

  2. we don't need uniswap to use metamask to exchange eth for stuff right? Metamask is sufficient? Sorry. I know obvious question because there is a swap option, but I'm just paranoid that I'm doing something wrong. I'm only using Metamask to swap Eth for other coins..

  3. I tried to send USDC from Polkaswap back to Metamask, but the USDC is stuck. The transaction was authorized in the SORA network but failed in the Ethereum network. Any idea on how to push the USDC to Metamask or get it back to the Polka Chrome wallet extension?

  4. Hello! How to find in which exchange platform my crypto currencies are! actually, I abandoned the trade in currencies for long time but now I resume to trade and there are some tokens appear in myetherwallet and I don't remember where are they!


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