Michael Saylor On Evergrande Crisis And Why You Need Bitcoin NOW

Michael Saylor On Evergrande Crisis And Why You Need Bitcoin NOW
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30 thoughts on “Michael Saylor On Evergrande Crisis And Why You Need Bitcoin NOW”

  1. The retail investors is not getting the best execution on the market, in my opinion the sec is aware of the current status of what's happening. Everything is sequential, until the green light is given, godspeed to you all.

  2. The blonde girl with the sweater and excessive makeup actually said "ever grande" like she's ordering a latte.
    I am absolutely dead 🀣
    You can make the rich white girl leave starbucks, but you can't make starbucks leave the rich white girl.

  3. Michael. With all that money, can you please get a better high def camera? Every time I watch you on any teleconference, you bring back memories of my old Nokia phone camera. πŸ“Έ

  4. BTC for $75K by end of this year& Control
    of The Currency is already Decentralised And now the China disruption would simply
    Decentralise the Mining setup for the better


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