OMI getting ready for the next PUMP! Huge $OMI burn coming with VeVeVerse and more partnerships!


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OMI hit out price target perfectly and has held above 0.5c! This sets us up nicely in the coming days for another pump – VeVe revealed more details on HUGE OMI burn contributors and announced more partnerships!
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25 thoughts on “OMI getting ready for the next PUMP! Huge $OMI burn coming with VeVeVerse and more partnerships!”

  1. I strongly suggest constant App updates and improvements we need to hold this level of quality plus adding a multi-language Tab which I think would double our user base !! The VeVe Experience WORLDWIDE !

  2. It looks like Ben Godenzi and Joseph Janik will be dumping in the next few days, just like they have doing for the past few months. I dont understand why yall get excited everytime this happens, they wait for the pump to dump


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