Our Altcoin Pick is +500% in 1 Week | Zilliqa, Litecoin, Tomochain, KardiaChain, MantraDAO

Massive Altcoin Market Gains | The Graph GRT Up 96% | Zilliqa ZIL Price Updates | Litecoin LTC Price Updates | Kardiachain KAI Price Updates and Dec 29th Mainnet | Tomochain Price and Vietnam Updates | Fontier Updates | MantraDAO Updates and 800% Indian volume surge | $51 Billion Firm Jefferies Selling Gold to buy Bitcoin | VISA Partners with Ethereum Digital-Dollar startup USDC | New KYC Crypto Rules from FinCEN and US Treasury Dept | Rapid Fire Altcoin Updates: FSW, FUSE, ANKR, CAKE, ORN, BNB

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⏰ Timestamps
0:00 Massive Altcoin Market Gains
1:29 The Graph GRT Up 96%
3:10 Zilliqa ZIL Price Updates
4:29 Litecoin LTC Price Updates
6:24 Kardiachain KAI Price Updates and Dec 29th Mainnet
7:11 Tomochain Price and Vietnam Updates
7:56 Fontier Updates
8:39 MantraDAO Updates and 800% Indian volume surge
9:56 $51 Billion Firm Jefferies Selling Gold to buy Bitcoin
13:05 VISA Partners with Ethereum Digital-Dollar startup USDC
13:56 New KYC Crypto Rules from FinCEN and US Treasury Dept
16:11 Rapid Fire Altcoin Updates: FSW, FUSE, ANKR, CAKE, ORN, BNB


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37 thoughts on “Our Altcoin Pick is +500% in 1 Week | Zilliqa, Litecoin, Tomochain, KardiaChain, MantraDAO”

  1. I am buying bitcoin EVERY day. Sometimes for 100$ sometimes for more than 500$, depends how much I can spare from my crypto earning. I moved all from my compromised ledger wallet to @t, and as Tier3 hodler I earn 7.21% APY on BTC, 14.96% on USDC and 19.37% on ZIL. I keep all my THETA there – I love that coin. This is the way.

  2. Good Morning Vietnam! Look into this gem of an Altcoin, KAI. The company name is Kardiachain. Mainnet goes live 29/12/2020. They claim mass adoption, when launched. I live in DaLat, Vietnam. Hometown is San Francisco,CA. I see how this coin will be adopted quickly. Vietnam's economy is booming. The youth, sit in a cafe, smoke ciggys, and play on the phone all day(video games)The major three Cell phone companies, are accepting KAI as payment. A Taxi service in Saigon will too. Imagine Verizon and Uber, accepting XRP. On top of all that, Binance will launch KAI to their exchange(one day). KAI/VNDC witch is a Vietnam Stable coin trade option.

  3. Guys..!!
    Right now on Binance, you can mine 2 big football-team tokens (JUV and PGS)!!! Both are staking through three Blockchains: (BUSD, BNB and CHZ) But staking with CHZ gives better mining results!!
    Guys.. don't miss this golden chance.. buy CHZ on Binance and stake it in these golden tokens JUV and PGS.

  4. Matrix AI Network (MAN) on Kucoin!

    – World first AI mining project on blockchain!

    – Official partner of OBOR (world's biggest infrastructure


    – Works with Chinese government

    – Marketcap: USD 2 million

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  6. Now I see a lot of benefits of crypto, a lot ignored it in 2008, Today we see bitcoin going to 30k, when 1 btc was 5$ no one will believe it can get to 30k this is called profit, invest now before it goes to 418000 coz its profit is mind blowing.

  7. So funny when go in the comments and when someone says a coin got people that missed the wave or never heard of a coin because they never did their DD. Calling it a shit coin. I feel anything not in top 100 high possibility of shitcoin. But yea ZIL,XRP NEXO. My money makers

  8. Check smartcash please. I think, that now the altcoin season is comming soon. If you want to do a trade (no fundamental trade) just a gain trade, for thr next 3-6 months, you should check SmartCash (SMART). tradable on hitBTC. Thank me later… (x1150)

  9. There is a surging base of crypto users here , however we need clear regulations which is preventing more people from adoption. We need to act fast like the Vietnamese Govt. as there is tremendous potential here considering the relatively younger population .


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