Over 100% Interest Staking Hydra On Kucoin? What You Need To Know! Passive Income With Crypto!

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Hey guys its Danin, in today’s video we cover Staking and making over 100% with staking hydra on kucoin and what you need to do to rean some passive income with cryptocurrency.
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In todays video we cover staking cryptocurrency on kucoin to make some insane passive income with crypto currency. It really is passive.
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I am 20 years old, I am super involved in financial literacy and want to inspire others to save money, invest, and get a leg up in todays society. My goal with these videos is to impact as many people as I possibly can.

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17 thoughts on “Over 100% Interest Staking Hydra On Kucoin? What You Need To Know! Passive Income With Crypto!”

  1. Thanks for this video. So I've been staking Hydra for about a month now and it only seems to be paying out in POL. My Hydra amount hasn't increased. Shouldn't staking automatically increase my Hydra amount or do I have to sell the POL and reinvest in more Hydra manually?

  2. You should talk to Hydra Team…

    If some more ICOs and more good projects come onto Hydra chain, precisely because of Hydra’s economics, we will definitely see a 1k Hydra.

  3. Thanks for covering Hydra. Looking forward to your more in-depth video on it. One thing to clarify though, your compound calculation is inaccurate since you need a minimum of 10 Hydra to stake. So you need to wait till you earned at least 10 Hydra before you can put it back in staking. Therefore it isn’t compounding daily. I have 160 Hydra in stake and currently takes me about 10-14 days to earn an extra 10 Hydra which I can put into staking as well.

  4. This is one of those "If it's too good to be true, it is". A professional investor on a good year would be happy with 7-9% returns. Telling me, no matter what, you guarantee have atleast 20% return, GUARANTEED? Naw, something is fishy.

  5. If I lock Hydra, is the reward interest compounded? Slightly confused because the amount of interest i’ve been earning daily in btc has not been increasing. Figured the rewards would gradually increase if this is compound

  6. I haven't watched this video yet. I'm new to the concept of "staking". But isn't this the same thing as if I took my FIAT and collected interest from it? But with this, there is risk of it being crypto. In a bank environment I don't need to do anything. I could park it in a long term investment in the bank with next to zero risk and do nothing. So I'm not sure how staking makes sense. I'm getting what % more for the risk and hassle? Sorry, just keeping it real. I do not understand this concept. Thank you.


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