PancakeSwap is About to EXPLODE | $CAKE NFT's

Hustlepedia is back today with another altcoin cryptocurrency update, today we are diving into another DeFi project that we think have massive growth potential in the upcoming bull cycle, PancakeSwap, the leading decentralized exchange on the Binance Smart Chain. Along with PancakeSwap’s stronghold on the BSC dex category, PancakeSwap is rolling out their new NFT platform to compete directly with Ethereum’s recent boom for NFT’s, and remind other ETH competitors like SOL and AVAX that the Binance Smart Chain is the network closest to competing with ETH at this time. With the liquidity, mass CAKE burning, NFT market place, yield farming and so much more, the end of 2021 is looking tasty for PancakeSwap as we head into the DeFi Bull Run of 2021.

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17 thoughts on “PancakeSwap is About to EXPLODE | $CAKE NFT's”

  1. Hey hustlepedia! What are you predicting is going to happen to cakes price after the update (NFT) and what are you predicting pancake is going to reach price wise if BTC goes to 150-250k?

  2. I think cake with rip through the ath during the bull run. People are tired of the high fees and until ADA gets their contracts integrated they need a good, safe yield.


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