Polygon NFT BOOM + News – Polygon (MATIC) Price Analysis – MATIC Price Update

OpenSea on Polygon is BOOMING and bullish news continues to spread within the Polygon ecosystem!

NFT Adoption Article: https://t.co/Sxc0Y0MVTh?amp=1
Polygon Nightfall Webinar: https://t.co/wT8bGFyYVa?amp=1
Dolce & Gabbana Article: https://t.co/UMFfbOZ0fx?amp=1

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0:00 Intro
0:25 NFT Adoption on Polygon
4:49 Polygon Nightfall Webinar
5:22 Dolce & Gabbana NFT
6:02 Price Analysis
8:16 Conclusion

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19 thoughts on “Polygon NFT BOOM + News – Polygon (MATIC) Price Analysis – MATIC Price Update”

  1. thanks for the news report! you are my resource for polygon info
    Also, I really don't care how you choose to pronounce stuff but for future reference I think it's pronounced dolchey and guhbahnuh

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