Safemoon CEO LEAKS HUGE Blockchain & Exchange News! Get Ready!

Safemoon CEO LEAKS HUGE Blockchain & Exchange News! Get Ready!

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34 thoughts on “Safemoon CEO LEAKS HUGE Blockchain & Exchange News! Get Ready!”

  1. <Awesome post I must say . Crypto is moving with little sign of stopping throughout the past few days and weeks , with movements reaching a clear impasse , the aggregated cryptocurrency market has been following in Btcoin's lead and is struggling to garner any decisive momentum . One analyst is now noting that BTC has been holding above a key macro level throughout the past few months.I appreciate the honesty / the most you tubers this days is only up to the Moon / funny part is that nobody is talking or taking in consideration of what's happening around us !!!!! / stock market , delta variant , inflation and so on ; let alone of how bitcoin perform before in the same situation in the past . What's best to do now is to trade with pro trader Mr Tony Max as to stack up more even in this period….

  2. In all honesty the devs need to stop with all the pr announcements and so called leaks . Since I been with safemoon this has been driving the freaking price down. People been buying the hype and selling the news. Smh. Yes I hold over 250mil tokens. Bought at ATH. Still going to gold because I'm a firm believer in the projects.


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