Safemoon Sunday AMA – 10/3/21


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SafeMoon Sunday Livestream AMA – Safemoon Wallet News. Safemoon Sunday livestream today and we are wondering about the safemoon wallet. The safemoon Wallet is highly anticipated and there is alot of people wondering whether the safemoon wallet will have a buy feature. In this livestream, we hear answers from the safemoon team about info of what safemoon has been doing. What questions do you have for the safemoon team.

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23 thoughts on “Safemoon Sunday AMA – 10/3/21”

  1. I have a question that can be asked in the next ama perhaps….my husband is in the power industry. He operates a major hydro power plant. That being said I know that wind turbines (in the US at least) are government subsidized since they don’t make enough power to become profitable after all maintenance and what not is done. How will Safemoon operate them in a way to mitigate that cost and actually turn a profit (no pun). Lol. Thanks!!!!

  2. Hi Safemoon Joe, i know ur in touch with the safemoon team. There is a spelling error in the wallet which i want to tell you . When you select card payment method to purchase safemoon, the page where you fill your card and address details ,, City is spelt as Citv and Country is spelt as Countrv … V needs to be replaced by Y… looks unprofessional…
    Can you tell them to fix this pl… thanks

    Love from India 💜

  3. #Safemoon
    Something big for #Safemoon!
    Nearly every nation is coming up short — most of them far short — in their efforts to fight climate change, and the world is unlikely to hold warming to the internationally agreed-upon limit, according to a new scientific report.
    Only one nation — tiny The Gambia in Africa — is on track to cut emissions and undertake its share of actions to keep the world from exceeding the Paris agreement goal of limiting warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius (2.7 degrees Fahrenheit) of warming since pre-industrial times, the report said.

  4. Hey safemoon joe, I have been a safe moon Holder for over months now , and I remember in the beginning the focus kinda was banking for the unbanked. Which is the focus of project Phoenix. But recently I don’t hear any talks of works towards that .. any insight?? And thanks for the content .. safemoon to the moon!

  5. Went to my homies house to watch the game, we lost (I'm a 9er fan) but I convinced my boys into putting some doe on safemoon. It was a process because they were drunk but we got it done. No excuses!! Let's go!!

  6. Hey Joe I just wanted to thank you for keeping me up to speed on everything Safemoon. At times I do feel Safemoon could be a hustle but you keep me invested and confident in Safemoon.

  7. Tiger King Coin($tking) can very easily be worth 100x it’s current price after Tiger King season 2 comes out on November 17

    It’s Joe Exotic’s official crypto and the current market cap is only at $12 million

  8. safamoon Joe you the voice from space thank for your efforts you are the best, i watch ever video i’m a safemoon holder 500,000.00 plus shares i believe in all products safemoon provided see you on the moon thank you again


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