SafeMoon Turbine Burn/Buy! Safe Moon Future Value! SAFEMOON NEWS TODAY!

SafeMoon Turbine Burn/Buy! Safe Moon Future Value! SAFEMOON NEWS TODAY! Safemoon wind turbines look to be a key player in the future of safemoon. With Safemoon CEO almost confirming everything about the Buy/Burn feature of the wind turbines. Safe Moon future value might be in the wind turbines and that is just the start of it. With Safemoon products like the safemoon exchange, the safemoon blockchain, and project Phoenix, we are going to see more potential from safemoon very soon. Safemoon iOS wallet is looking to be released and only time will tell when it officially comes out.

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22 thoughts on “SafeMoon Turbine Burn/Buy! Safe Moon Future Value! SAFEMOON NEWS TODAY!”

  1. I found out that TA stands for Technical Analysis.

    In finance, technical analysis is an analysis methodology for forecasting the direction of prices through the study of past market data, primarily price and volume.

    Nevertheless, this will be huge once implimented. The Turbines will Buy/Burn safemoon. Hopefully this Safemoon sunday we can hear more info on this!

  2. Turbine =electricity people buy electricity. Safemoon will be selling electricity the only way you can buy that electricity is through Safemoon. There is your answer Joe.

  3. Where i see the problem , is that everybody wants to hold, so getting reflections a.s.o… but when everybody is holding there will be no volume. So when they really will be 24h volume 1 billion like they calculate, there have to be many people who agree to burn 10% and don't want to hold. That's fucking movement and burning money. The system only works when there is much movement and not everybody Holding . But of curse I'm still hoping and holding

  4. I hate to FUD but Safemoon never makes a deadline. The fake APP for IOS probably was accepted faster than the real one will. I am Still holding my bags but Frustrated that the Roadmap targets are delayed. I know this will be amazing one day but the waiting for catalyst's in the mist of whale dumping is hard to watch.

  5. Theres so much safemoon available the last thing you have to worry about is what happens when theres no more safemoon available. Should stop worrying about wind turbines and ask for exchange and cryptonomics.

  6. Safe moon Joe: “safe moon is a long hold project. You need to be patient”

    Also safe moon Joe: “this reverse split or consolidation is a good thing. it gets the price up faster…”

  7. I believe that it all ties together now. The consolidation is for billing and financial transactions that tie to the windmills. Safemoon finances the windmills and as result all transactions for the power created by them are thru the token ecosystem. Hence the push for consolidation to rise the price into a range that other billing systems can deal with.

  8. I definitely think with every turn of the turbine the energy is being sold in SAFEMOON and thus big reflections, especially after the burn stops. It just like being a big investor in an energy company 😉


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