SafeMoon Wallet iOS OPEN BETA! Safe Moon Wind TURBINES Might Be Found! SAFEMOON NEWS TODAY!

SafeMoon Wallet iOS OPEN BETA! Safe Moon Wind TURBINES Might Be Found! SAFEMOON NEWS TODAY! Safemoon has been patient with apple as they safemoon wallet has been going back and forth with apple. Apple has a new issue in which safemoon has to deal with after safemoon dev team resolved the previous one. Safemoon wallet ios is the last piece of the safemoon wallet saga and since apple is playing games, the safemoon team decided to have an open beta with 10,000 users. CEO John Karony gave yet another clue about wind turbines in which keep leading us to a certain type of wind turbine. This will help safemoon buy and burn more as time goes on.

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36 thoughts on “SafeMoon Wallet iOS OPEN BETA! Safe Moon Wind TURBINES Might Be Found! SAFEMOON NEWS TODAY!”

  1. Sherlock Joe on the case! Thank you for all you do. Me and my fiancé been rocking with you before the video appearances! You have become a small household name. You are our only news anchor. And we love you (pause) Again thank you. With your help my fiancé was convinced to get involved in SafeMoon and we’ve been HODLING ever since. We’ll see you on the 🚀🌕

  2. i think the whale press the sell buttom by accident, i did it last week i was trying to buy more and sold by accident, i was mad til i thought about the refections i gave back and bought back in and doubled my position Now lets get to the moon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. We got a slight pump but we should I think have baseline at the august 25-26 levels. This pump just makes back the losses from last dip and the not the ones before

  4. lmao! those turbines might as well not even be there. they will never move enough wind to make any dent in any electrical billl…. you all really neeed to stick to what you know. because it isnt energy production and storage…. that tiny turbine will maybe cancel out between 1-5% of that buisnesses yearly energy cost.. simple things like led lights, geo thermal will be MUCH more impactful. Turbines wont be big until energy storage makes some leaps and bounds.. just facts my friend…

  5. Ohh i know why he lost that much money, he is trying to push the price down, but safemoon army start eating the dip , he try to buy back 10 minutes later, it was to late for him , the price was high already

  6. I disagree that it's "100% on Apple". It's on the SafeMoon team for giving us a BS wallet release date to begin with. I'm not blaming SafeMoon because hey, sh*t happens, but let's not blame the wrong entity to make it seem like SafeMoon is totally innocent and it's everyone else's fault for holding us back.

  7. What's up Joe listen oh listen I would like you to do a video on how to use the buy button I felt like last time I bought some I lost like $40 or something I don't know what's going on


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