$SHIB Army up +47.34%! I Got Words! SafeMoon Updates!

Discussing this tribal mentality of Shib vs SafeMoon!

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36 thoughts on “$SHIB Army up +47.34%! I Got Words! SafeMoon Updates!”

  1. Please notice there are fake profiles out there IMPERSONATING me asking to txt or whats app the fake Arjay. Please report the channel.

    As a reminder, Youtube first uploads the Standard Definition and releases that first while processing the HD version.

    Thanks for taking the time to watch! Don't forget to hit that like and subscribe so we can all grow and head to the moon, together!

    – Capt. Arjay

  2. Most of us are in the same boat so why poke holes in it? As far as I can see most of us are average Joe’s and just want to be financially free , we just choose different paths to get there.

  3. At the end of the day, safemoon holders need to diversify. Don’t ever go investing all in on one project. It’s not a competition as you can be invested in both. This is not safemoon vs the world. But it’s stuff like questioning why is this project doing this and that but safemoon isn’t is exactly why people make safemoon holders the butt of their jokes. Too many people in this community has this as majority if not all of their portfolio, you wouldn’t be worried if you didn’t invest too much in the first place. If you truly believe, hold and worry about yourself, simple as that. Imagine trying to turn this into a competition.

  4. Tiger King Coin($tking) can very easily be worth 100x it’s current price after Tiger King season 2 comes out on November 17

    It’s Joe Exotic’s official crypto and the current market cap is only at $12.2 million

  5. Mr Arjay I hope you gonna remember me and reward me with Safemoon tokens once you hit 10k subscribers, because I don't fail to watch each of your videos 😜☺️
    I love your content Sir, You speak sense into the senseless brain 🧠.
    Keep it up, I'm your number one fan

  6. I actually like that you often learn this lesson early. It is something almost everyone needs to go through to learn. The sad thing is that many will learn it with safemoon, leave and use the lesson to go through the ups and downs in another project.

  7. The problem that new investors need to come to terms with. EMOTION. I can see why they say SFM has a cult following. I like SFM as a company based on it's potential future fundementals and that is it. I want it to do well but I'm not going to go all in, as that is just reckless and irresponsible investing. I hold other cryptos and the projects I am not invested in, I love to see them doing well. why? because it strengthens the whole crypto market. LFG!!!!

  8. Am not hating on Dogecoin or Matt Wallace. Just saying that Dogecoin’s $35 billion market cap can be divied up nicely between Shibarmy and Safemoon Army. Why fight each other when you can hunt together?

  9. Never buy a green bar, they say. Once enough people make at least 10k in shib that red bar is going to be rough for a lot of people. Lucky people in Safemoon well get reflections and there probably will be W curves instead J's.

  10. You are a good dude Arjay, but you are appealing to masses whose attention span is small, (you see this in your analytics) common sense essentially non existent, and instant gratification rules the day. They do not use deductive reasoning, are not critical thinkers, and seemingly could not care less about others in the group benefiting, as long as they get theirs. Your “reach one or two” line unfortunately in today’s mental climate is shockingly accurate. Keep up the good vibes buddy… the ones you do reach are worth reaching.


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