Shiba Inu Coin | A Whale Just Bought This Much #SHIB! Buy The Dip?

Shiba Inu Coin as been dipping and whales are starting to take advantage of it by buying the dip in SHIB! is it time for you to buy the dip?

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37 thoughts on “Shiba Inu Coin | A Whale Just Bought This Much #SHIB! Buy The Dip?”

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  2. I have a serious question, if whales keep buy shib by the billions and billions of dollars why does the price keep going down this doesn’t make any since to me. I have seen several YouTube keep posting videos about this but nobody can give me a answer. Thank you for your information

  3. Clay bro. You are like the Joel olsteen of YouTube. All spiritual and shit. But nothing positive in the long run. All you need to do is get that electric blue carpet in the background

  4. im holding but expecting the worst . shiba has been "consolidating" since the end of october ….. how long is the average consolidation period before we just call it a blatant DROP in investments . we got listed on gemini . which has about 14 million users on their platform and we have dropped HARD from the second we went live , robinhood will do nothing , everyone who wants to be in shiba , is already in shiba , they arnt out here waiting for some magical listing to go buy on robinhood … glad im only in about $200 on this one , maybe its my poor person brain overthinking but damn , id be losing my shit if i had 8 million on this gamble

  5. If you spend 8 billion dollars. Right now and it jumped up to 0.0000 51. The whale would make this much money,$399,505.56 he's not losing. It went up to $0.70 it would be
    $1,736,675.69. the risk is not there's it's ours. The small-fry who will lose.all they got to do is sell.

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  7. Imagine if 1 cent could buy you 200million Shiba coins…well that's how early investors got it for. Right now you can get WOLVERINU….200million coins for 1 cent Usd….BUY BILLIONS and 2-3yrs later your set! Thank me later 🙂

  8. Ppl sleeping on Cartesi! Low volume an easy 100 coin with a 48 billion market cap . Easily doable with some hype and on this bullrun.. is the best coin to make some decent profits for new investors


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