20 thoughts on “SLP Will Moon… Just Wait! – Axie Infinity Economy”

  1. 🎉 Despite having intellectual strength, Elon still needs more weapons to appear on the battlefield. That is MPX!!!!🎉

    🪐 MPX is a semi-automatic pistol of rarity ★ ★ which is comes from SMG talent

    💥 Damage: 169

    💥 Ammunition: 22 rounds

    💥 Rate of fire: 1.25/s

    💥 Firing range: 10

    💥 Accuracy: 7

    💥 Damage: 221.25 DPS/s

    👾 Are all the characteristics of the above weapon enough to make you satisfied? Let’s play game to own this powerful weapon 🤩

    🌟 What will change when you combined Elon + MPX + Lil Stark?

    When equipping the hero with weapon and pet, we will see the stats change amazingly. Total damage is 12000, 8000 HP, attack speed 7.0. Damage per second reaches 84000 DPS

  2. This guys just so dumb everyday i his videos abt axie is repeating the same thing over and over again people like u should step away from crypto becuz u can’t accept facts when ure wrong and in crypto anything is possible but all u spread is false hope

  3. "Suggestion only..which I thought to control economic balancing and to maintain slp demand and supply
    Devs create a room for pvp

    But before you enter that room,,you have to pay tax,something like 20slp,then after you pay that tax..there is 3 room,,easy,average,hard,

    Easy-pay 50slp,if you win you got your opponents 50 slp..the 20slp becomes tax and it burn,so you win 30slp

    Average-100slp,if you win you got your opponents 100,then you got 70slp..the 30slp becomes tax and burn

    200slp if you won,you got your opponents slp 150slp..then 50slp burn as tax,
    All the slp use as tax will burn..

    This room is burning mechanism of axie
    In real life is like a casino room which is like a gambling but if you looking for burning mechanism..many slp burn in this strategy

    Arena- earn
    Pvp room(casino)-burning mechanism,,that which maintain demand and supply

    I'm not intelligent as devs,I'm just only sharing my ideas,let us be one to save axie community
    Thank you..


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