Solana Staking Tutorial for Passive Income – 8% APY – Using the Phantom Wallet

Hello Stakers,

In this video, we give a beginner tutorial on how to stake your Solana to earn rewards, and improve the security of the Solana network.
Will you be staking some SOL now? What are your thoughts?

This is a beginner’s overview for someone quite new to crypto. Use timestamps, pause, and change the speed (slower or faster) if needed.

My goal is to make things super simple as, for most, crypto is too difficult currently.


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0:00 Intro to Installing Phantom
0:36 Staking with Phantom
01:10 Activation Phase of Staking
1:18 Remove Stake during Activation Phase
2:14 Epoch Length of Time & Definition
2:49 Unstaking our Solana
3:28 Deactivation Time
3:40 How to Choose a Validator in Phantom App
4:32 Delegating your SOL is not loaning out your SOL
4:41 How I choose a Validator?
5:33 Simple Explanations on Validator Scores
6:00 How much Interest can we Earn?



Validator Info Sites:

Shinobi Systems (Highest APY Validator):


VERY IMPORTANT: Always check ANY LINKS with official sources in case a scammer uses a wrong address, which happens always, or in case the youtuber makes a mistake.

Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor. This is an educational tutorial and guide.
Always DYOR (Do Your Own Research) and ensure you learn the pros, cons, risks, and rewards, before you put your hard-earned money to work.

22 thoughts on “Solana Staking Tutorial for Passive Income – 8% APY – Using the Phantom Wallet”

  1. MAKE SURE YOU ALWAYS HAVE SOME SOL LEFT IN YOUR WALLET. I keep 0.05 SOL at least, and I have a backup wallet with $1 of SOL always too.
    If you send all your SOL to stake, then you can not see the stake in the wallet. The stake still worked, but just keep some SOL in there. You need it for gas in the future.

  2. I try to stake SOL in solflare or phantom, both show an error 'failed staking' my ledger is connected in the solana app and I can manage my balance, I swap SOL in USDC but the stake fails. Does anyone face this issue?

  3. In your previous Solana video you suggest to stake via SolStake io by connecting it to phantom wallet. In this one you show staking through Phantom wallet directly. I don't know which one should I do? No need to stake through SolStake now?


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